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Sunday 15th January 2017

Another day on the reserves and yet another dose of the great British weather.  It was dull, overcast and drizzly so I decided to take a bit of shelter and undertake a walk in Hillditch Coppice.

I walked the wooded path that runs from Hillditch Lane down to Hillditch Pool overlooking the wet woodland.  It proved quite a successful walk in terms of fungi as I added 4 more species to the list with Coral SpotJelly Ear, King Alfred's Cakes and more strangely The DeceiverThe Deceiver is a common woodland fungus and one I have seen many times but they usually occur between July and November.  Seeing these two in January struck me as odd.  Maybe it is indicative of the increasingly milder winters we are getting in the UK these days.

Jelly Ear (Auricularia auricula-judae)

King Alfred's Cakes (Daldinia concentrica)

The Deceiver (Laccaria laccata)

It was a worthwhile visit on the bird front too as I added Grey Wagtail to my year list for the site when I picked up one feeding in a damp area at the margins of the wet woodland.

Grey Wagtail (Motacilla cinerea) - Distant record shot


  1. You're doing a lot better on the fungi front than me Jase. Been shocking here weatherwise...totally arsed off with the rain!!

  2. To be honest Dean the weather here has been pretty crappy too. I've really had to push myself to go out. But I thought with January being a dead month, so to speak, I would try and mop up on the common bird species and winter fungi. The glaring omission on the bird front at the mo is Starling and on the fungi front is Dean Mans/ Dead Molls Fingers

  3. Hi Jason,

    Patrick Clement and I did two serious moth sessions on the Common last year (June and July) and plan to do at least one this year. I normally advertise them 24 - 48 hrs in advance on the Hereford and Worcs Moth Blog so keep your eyes peeled if you want to know when. This years main one will be 3rd or 4th Week June to look for Dotted Border Wave and micros of course.

  4. That sounds great Steve. I will keep my eyes peeled for the date.